ART Engine-VX ,VXR,JPE,C20XE-STD & Race Engines

STDからフルチューニングまでランダムにVX, VXR, Coswotrh(KBA) エンジンの 社内作業及び使用部品等の画像集です。
入庫してから、分解、診断 作業に入る前の調査、測定、実作業、再測定 加工 調整 制御までを参考にしてみてください。

This is an image collection showcasing engine from STD to full tuning.
Engines included are the VX, VXR, Cosworth (KBA). All work was undertaken in-house with used parts from our collection.
Please refer to the survey, measurements, re-measurements, pre-assembly process adjustment/control work and the post-entry diagnostic work.

165psから300psフルレース 2.0L の仕様です。

These are the records of the specification change work undertaken on the standard OH.
Specifications: 165 ps to 300 ps full race, 2.0 L.
High power engines require high power pure sealing parts.
Even with JPE specs, the connecting rods and cranks taken from normal vehicles are downshifting.
We have seen that total destruction of these parts is becoming increasingly common.

ヴォクソールレーシングであっても、JPEでも、REでもそれは同じです。(RE=Racing Evolutionとは VXR にJPE仕様のエンジンを乗せている仕様)


当社は英国の提携先からの継続輸入で、常時 極端に高くない物を販売出来るよう体制を保っています。

個人を特定できない様 配慮しているつもりでは有りますが、気になる点が有りましたらご連絡下さい。対応致します。

If the road surface and rotation speed are high, the risk is further reduced to zero. However all steels (connecting rod, crank, forged products etc) are minimalised.
There have also been cases where they have been destroyed in both the presence or absence of engines which have been produced by our company.
The reason being is that the oil pump can only send a certain amount of oil if it is dry.
Even in Vauxhall Racing the JPE and RE are the same. (RE = Racing Evolution which is a specification of engine similar to the JPE specification of the VXR).

In the case of pure and high output, consideration of engine maintenance must be taken.
You must omit dry pump specs particularly those produced by Caterham. We recommend you use an oil pump of 4/5 port type.
It is strongly recommended that the normal pump on the engine front is removed and amendments are made to the spec so as to be able to control oil and hydraulic pressure levels.
In recent years, there has been a trend in destroying and rebuilding these models multiple times. Our racing vehicle continued to run for four years without the use of the normal oil pump.
Please be aware that this is not a standard priced part as it is a BTCC specification.

We continue to provide services to our UK partners to aid them in the import trade.
We are able to maintain a system whereby we sell rare products.
This is an album which contains images of these parts. Vauxhall enthusiasts in particular will enjoy this.

The images contained are from development work which undertaken by our company from 1990 to present.
Included are images of engine development, maintenance and repair, assembly and including parts sourced for particular individuals.
We consider individual requests so please do get in touch. However we will only consider requests for upgrades that adhere to environmentally friendly rules.