ART Engine-Ford Zetec & Zetec E

STD 1.8 L から2.0L フルチューニングまでランダムに ZETEC エンジンの画像を紹介します。
入庫してから、分解、診断 作業に入る前の調査、測定、実作業、再測定 加工 調整 制御までを参考にしてみてください。

160ps から 240ps フルレース 2.0Lまでの仕様です。

We will show you images of the full tuning from the standard 1.8L to 2.0L.
Please refer to the survey, measurements, re-measurements, pre-assembly process adjustment/control work and the post-entry diagnostic work.
This is a record of the specification change undertaken on the normal OH.

The specifications for this change were from 160ps to 240ps on a full race 2.0L.
There are many differences in the detailed specifications of each model.
Please have a look. (Images include our in-house developed engine. The other parts visible in the images have not been individually identified).

一般的にエンジン変更を容易に考える方も多いのですが、費用は、エンジンだけでなく排気管、触媒、インマニ、スタータ、フライホイル、クラッチ など車種に応じた補機類が必要です。

吸排気の向きがケントやローバー、VXなどと同一です。DURATEC やSIGMA( シグマ)は逆ですので間違えないようにしてください。

Please note: our company do not only handle engineering changes and tuning services for Caterham Cars but also for GINETTA,
Westfield, Birkin and Lotus Europe.
Work will not commence until an application for a remodeling request has been made and we are in receipt of the number for this
This is a prime motor mounted on the Ford Focus, Modeo and others. However many parts are diverted to the FR (including those
produced by our company) and so it is not necessary to add an adapter etc to the gear box when a previous Ford OHV system is in
place. There are many requests for this.
It is a very powerful engine.
This is the predecessor to the current Duratec technology.
In general, many people believe that it is simple to change the engine. However this is not true. There are other necessary costs to
consider, not only for the engine, but also for the additional parts which correspond to the vehicle such as the exhaust pip, the
catalyst, the intake manifold, the starter, flywheel, clutch etc.

There are three models to be considered when we refer to the ZETEC.
Therefore it is best to choose the one most appropriate for the purpose.
The manufacturer and shipper’s details for the Caterham do not exist in the catalogue. However many of these kits that are on the UK
market are also available for the ZETEC.
This is because ZETEC supplies parts to Caterham (such as the harness).
The direction of the intake and exhaust is the same as the Kent, Rover, VX amongst others. DURATEC and SIGMA (Sigma) are opposite so
please take care not to mistake them.