Duratec:デュラテック 2.0 L 用 4連スロットル

Duratec 2.0 L 用の4連スロットルで費用対効果が優れるコンパクトなダイレクトヘッド型、精密スロットルです。
200ps-300ps に対応します。

This is the compact original head type for the 4-throttle Duratec 2.0L, the accurate throttle has excellent cost-effectiveness.
This corresponds with the 200ps-300ps.

TPSは1way 2wayコンタクトレス、通常のリニアセンサータイプを装着可能のです。


This specification is for the cable throttle.
There are three lengths of the ram pipe and you must choose according to the engine specification.
TPS is 1-way and 2-way contactless and a normal linear sensor type can be installed.
These items are always in stock so please do get in touch if you are interested.
Of course there are also DBW (drive-by-wire, fried-by-wire).
In addition, the engine sump is the dry sump specification.

Even those the other 4-throttle is integrated with the Cosworth, the two other models are Titan and Caterham.
There are others such as the roller barrel type, which we also produce and sell, are efficient but they are not as cost-effective and the size is too big for purpose.