ART Engine-COSWORTH BD Siries Ford

ノーマルからフルチューニングまでランダムに BDR BDG エンジンの 社内作業画像集です。
入庫してから 分解、診断 作業に入る前の調査、測定、実作業、再測定 加工 調整 制御までを参考にしてみてください。

This is a selection of images of work undertaken on the BDR engine of basic to full tuning work.
Please refer to the survey, measurements, re-measurements, pre-assembly process adjustment/control work and the post-entry diagnostic work.
This is a record of the specification change work undertaken on the normal OH.


The specification is of around 165ps to 290ps. (Images include our in-house developed engine.
The other parts visible in the images have not been individually identified).