Hard top gullwing For All CATERHAM Super7 (English)

Art International Original

Protecting Driver for Burning summer sun , Heavy rain , and snow
Renewal your Seven for next item
Easy getting-on-and-off
・It is use with STD side doors
・ Made by High quality GFRP with dual hinges
・ Easy fitting DIY
・ White gelcorted finish for Export only
・ Super Safty & HD clear grass (Asahi Kasei DERA GRAS(R))

①BASE ONLY:\171,600(Tax excluded\156,000 )

High Quality GFRP body with doble action (Dual)hinges only for price
Light weitht, alloy panel inserted for stress aria and fitting hole aria.
please enjoy do it your self bracket and windows etc. for your special.

② ①+ FITTING KIT:\201,300(Tax excluded\183,000 )

2 x RH & LH lasar cut bracket kit to front stansion.
welnuts, spcial bolts, sponge sticker cussions,
magnetic tapes, Hand screws, fasners,
lockbelts, instractions.

③ ②+ Special acril window glass:\259,600(Tax excluded\236,000 )

3 peices ( cutted bolts holes,) and fiting bolts.
*Window material Safty Acril (Asaghi Kasei)
Dela Glass(R)*

④ ③+ Painting:\325,600(Tax excluded\296,000)

Desined by ART JAPAN
Special Air Cargo Box is ready to ship
Payment avalable by PayPal
We are not paint for export .
Please pait in your local shop

This prodact is not fit Caterham SV chassis CSR chassis.
Only for S3 Only.
all High quality hand craft made in Japan.
Please contact ART / by E-Mail.
We will reply your fastes deliverly schedule.

Estimated for Air Freight pripaid for EU & UK P&P By TNT Air Cargo 120,000.yen

1 week from Stock. 5 weeks from New Order nad Packed 3-5days.