2000-2006 EV Development

2000年から数年にかけてEV Carの開発に携わりました。

From 2000, we were involved for several years in the development of the EV car model.

登場するのが早すぎた感のあるCQモーターシリーズ ”もし今だったら?”などといろいろ想像してしまいます。

Many thought it impossible that such a car could be produced in this day and age and with CQ Motor Series raising the questions “Could this be happening now?”


One model of the car was produced per colour and was also designed by a famous design master and teacher meaning that these models are extremely rare.


These models are known as the Professor Q-Car7 Caterham design.

Q-CAR7の1号車で当時Caterham cars にオーソラズドをもらうために200V仕様にして送ったChassis No1です。

These Caterham authorised chassis 200v spec models were top of the range at the time of the Q-CAR7 release.
These models were exhibited and showcased at the Caterham UK headquarters.
To this day we still hold a good relationship with them based on this work.
The paint work was undertaken in the UK. We were lucky to have been approached for this job having been in the right place at the right time.